Salad of marinated violet artichokes
and scaglie di caciotta
with young rocket salad
€ 16

Sicilian salad of wild prawns,
fennel and orange fillets
€ 15

Bricolage of calf’s sweetbread
and galantina of calf’s head
with artichoke hearts, affilla cress
and Balsamico Tradizionale
€ 19

Culatello di Zibello with figs
€ 19


Ravioli of young peas with date tomatoes
€ 16

Sicilian spaghetti alla chitarra con le sarde
€ 15

Risotto with Belper Knolle cheese
€ 16


Steamed fillet of angled white halibut
with shimeji mushrooms, spinach, spring onions
and ginger
€ 28

Fillet of turbot in Pancetta di Parma
with violet artichokes
€ 32

Fillet of angled sea bass all’acqua pazza
€ 28

Bresse chicken
with sauteed vegetables
€ 26

Young goat from the oven
with beluga lentils
€ 29